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100 answered questions.
March 24, 2014 • 6:58 AM • 0 comments

It took me awhile to finish answering all of this.

1. Who was the last person you texted? Marty
2. When is your birthday? May 16th
3. Who do you want to be with right now? Marty
4. What sports do you play? Swimming, Taekwondo, Badminton, Basketball
5. Who is the first person in your contacts? Aaron
6. What is your favorite song as of the moment? When I Fall In Love by A Rocket to the Moon
7. If you were stranded on an island, who do you wish to be with? Marty
8. What do you feel right now? Almost Happy. He makes me happy now it's my turn to make other people happy. LMAO what? haha
9. What chocolate is your favorite? EVERYTHING.
10. How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have? 0
11. Why did you create a Tumblr account? I was soo bored so I created one.
12. Who is your favorite blogger? Ms. Cecilla Zamora Van Straten AKA Chuvaness. She is witty and very opinionated other than her, I like Krzy Uy. Her taste is impeccable.
13. Where do you want to be right now? In his arms at Vancouver.
14.  What do you want to be in the future? A mogul..
15. When was the last time you cried ?I forgot.
16. Are you happy? Almost
17. Who do you miss? Marty and some of my friends.
18. If you were given a chance, would you like to have a different life? No. I like my life today (albeit having a lot more things to do and improve.) It may not be as good as other but I don't want to trade it with something else because God blessed my life. He made it especially for me.
19. What was the best thing you were given? Books
20. Who was the last person who called you? My Dad (phone call) Marty (Skype)
21. What is your favorite dish? Pasta
22. Who is your bestfriend? Angelica, Mariz, Heidee
23. What is your biggest regret? Wasting my time
24. Have you ever cheated on your partner? Nope
25. Who do you spend crazy moments with? My cousins and best friends.
26. Name someone pretty? Mom
25. Who was the last person you hugged? Lien. My cute 10 year old cousin.
28. What kind of music do you listen to? Anything except country and heavy metal
29. Are you over your past? Yes
30. Who is the last person in your contacts? Zhy. sis sa org
31. What kind of person do you want to date?Someone who has goals, funny, intellectual, and outgoing.
32. Do you have troubles sleeping at night?I'm nocturnal.
33. From whom was the last text message you received?Angelica, My bestfriend
34. What do you prefer, jeans or skirt?Skirts
35. How’s your heart?Perfectly fine :)
36. Did you ever have a girlfriend/boyfriend whose name starts with a "J"?Nope
37. Do you like someone as of the moment?Love someone? Yes
38. What would you want to say to your latest ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend? Don't have any.
39.  Do you have any phobias?Fear of failure? jk none.
40.  Did you try to change for a person?Yes, when I was little I want to please everybody. silly silly meeee
41.  What’s the nicest thing have you given to someone?I don't know but I love giving gifts to others.
42.  Would you go back to your previous relationship?No.
43.  Are you in a good or bad mood?Neither
44. Name someone you can’t live without?My grandma
45. Describe your dream date?Anything romantic or thoughtful.
46.  Describe your dream wedding?I want it to be intimate..only with our closest friends and relatives. In the beach or somewhere out of town? Idk. I'm still too young for this.
47.  How many roses did you receive last Valentine’s?3 bouquets of pink and red roses. 
48.  Have you ever been kissed?Yes
49.  How long is your longest relationship?None
50.  Do you regret your past?No regrets at all.
51.  Can you do something stupid for someone else?Yes
52. Have you ever cried over someone?Yes
53. Do you have a grudge against anyone?None. Holding grudges is not my thing.
54. Are you a crybaby?Yes
55. Do people praise you for your looks?Yes
56. Did you fall for someone you shouldn’t?Nope
57. Have you ever done something bad but you don’t regret?Yes. *evil laugh*
58. Do you like getting hurt?No one does
59. Does anyone hate you?i don’t actually think so...maybe?
60. Did you slap anyone whose name starts with an “R”? Haha. No.
61. What hair color do you prefer?Brown or something copper-y
62. If you can change anything about yourself, what is it?My creativity and ability to tolerate others.
63. Do you love someone as of the moment?Yes :)
64. Have you ever thought of killing yourself?Nope but sometimes when everything seems so out of control, I used to wish I'm dead or gone.
65. Do you have issues with somebody in your school?Not really
66. Can you live without internet?No. I need my internet right now :(
67. What’s the song that remind you of your special someone?Captured
68. Are you good at holding back your tears?No, I'm awful
69. Are you a crybaby?Already answered this
70. Have you ever experienced being hysterical?Laughing yeah!
71. Are you a KPOP fan?I used to. :)
72. Do you study hard?Not really, but now I have this super cute inspiration that lives 6562 miles away from me? I will :D
73. Have you ever sacrificed something important to you for someone you love?I think so. I will sacrifice anything for those people I love.
74. Did you ever had a kiss under the moonlight?Not yet ;)
75. Have you ever ridden a boat?Yes
76. Did you have an accident last year?None
77. What kind of person are you?I'm nice but sometimes weird and random.
78. Have you ever thought of killing someone?Not seriously
79. Have you ever been jealous?Yeah, I get jealous very easily but I try to be understanding
80. How can you prove your love to someone?Show them you do, don’t just tell them
81. What are you thinking right now?Nothing.
82. Who is the 6th person in your contacts?Erin
83. Do you have any memories you want to erase?None. I automatically erase any bad things from my mind. Idk my brain filters the good from the bad.
84. Have you been hurt so bad that you can’t find words to explain how you feel?I don't know.
85. Did you ever badmouth someone?Yes
86. Have you ever had an argument with someone?Yes
87. Do you have trust issues?None so far
88. Are you broken-hearted?Nope :)
89. Who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”?His name. You know who :") MTR
90. Do you think all the pain is worth it?What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
91. Do you believe in the phrase “If it’s meant to be, it will be”?Yes.
92. Who do you want to marry?My one true love
93. Do you believe in destiny?I do
94. Have you ever thought “I already found my soulmate”?Yes :)
95. How do you look right now?Quite normal, I'm wearing a blue loose top, a jogging pants, my hair is tied messily into a bun. No make up.
96. Do you believe that first true love never dies? I do believe true love never dies. But not so much that your first true love never dies. People say first loves are special because they stay with you for a lifetime but once you meet your one true love... everything about your first love will simply turn into a plain memory? lol idk. True loves for me are the best because they stay infinite.
97. Have you found your true love? I think so. Maybe it's too early to say this but yes, I think I found the one :)
98. What should you be doing right now?Finishing all the papers. HAHA
99. Name one of your ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends.None
100. Did you ever feel like you’re not good enough?Sometimes. 

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February 13, 2014 • 2:37 PM • 0 comments


If only I could eat whatever I wanted
December 8, 2013 • 9:27 PM • 4 comments

...and not gain a single pound? I will surely devour any of this...

A box of french macarons with different fillings


An entire chocolate cake

these little devil cupcakes

Chewy chocolate chip cookies

Bubble Milk teas

All sorts of fruits


Everything in this photo

Starbucks Frappeee

All kinds of pasta

*all photos are from weheartit :)

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Lazy afternoon at the Bistro
December 6, 2013 • 7:30 AM • 0 comments

I feel so blessed to have friends who always check me out and make sure we keep in touch with each other despite the mad schedule and distance...that's why even though I feel so irritated with the fact that I paid 30 pesos to the tricycle driver just to get lost and spent 15 minutes contemplating whether to go back home or push through with this date... I still went to meet them because I terribly miss those ladies and I'm partially curious with the place MJ picked.

Irish Lloyd's Bistro is located at Pagsawitan, Sta. Cruz here at Laguna. I didn't ask for the details because first I was soooo late and second I feel shy asking. #newbienotsonewbiebloggerproblems

So let's start...I like the whole place. It looks and feels clean. It has simple/minimalist(?) interiors and the Christmas decorations are not overwhelming…plus I love the lighting. Too bad I didn’t take pictures. (read: still photography noob) I didn't have much time exploring the whole Bistro because I have a lot of catching up to do.

When I finally got there, MJ and Bea just finished their meal with a slice of choco java cake with vanilla ice cream. They quickly motioned me to sit down. Before, I order some food we talked a bit about my friend’s love dovey dilemma. It was soo cute to see her like that but at the same time agonizing because the guy is sooo bipolar like seriously kuya, ano ba talaga?

Chocolate Banana Pudding with Ice cream

Bistro fries

I only ordered a glass of raspberry iced tea, chocolate banana pudding with ice cream, and their fries because I’m still full due to the large amount of orange chicken that I ate for brunch L Such a sad thing for me because Bea and MJ claimed that the food served at the Bistro is absolutely delish. They were like "Girl, sobrang sarap ng food. HEAVEN!"  No one else compares ang peg. 

If my friends are raving about their food then most absolutely ILB really is good with their fooood and yes I still feel bloated up to this time while typing this because seriously, they have big servings. Worth all the money you spent. SOBRANG SARAP!!! True to their words, My choco banana pudding is moist and not too heavy. It is actually soft and the plain vanilla ice cream makes it not too sweet. The bistro fries on the other hand is not soggy (thank goodness) and were made from real fresh potatoes. Love the sauces rin. Kris Aquino will approve! HAHAHA Yay!

Mj and Jojo :(

We have happy tummies. Thanks to Irish Lloyd's Bistro! So sad, I don't have pictures with them (the woes of the one taking photos)  So my verdict to this place? I like it so far... The staff is really nice and friendly and they have a super delish food. I will definitely recommended to everyone who wants to enjoy good food intimately with their friends. (I just hope they're consistent!!! haha)

Thanks MJ for the collage!

My friends and I vowed to come back here and taste every single thing on their menu. TAKE ALL MY MONEY! FORGET THE CALORIES! NOMNOMNOM

Irish Lloyd's Bistro is located at 
P. Guevara Extension, Brgy. Pagsawitan, 4009 Santa Cruz, Laguna

You can contact them through their facebook page or just call this numbers: 09267270023/ (049) 500-9193

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Hello Mr. Tony Stark
December 4, 2013 • 4:30 AM • 0 comments

Do you feel it? That festive feeling of giving and caroling and gift giving and non stop eating? because I do... and it's not only me. Everyone is feeling giddy. Lien started bugging out my mom to put up the Christmas tree, my mom and our helper already put some preliminary decorations and earlier, and everyone was sharing ideas on what would be our menu for that day and so on and so forth...

So yes, maybe it's pretty obvious that my favorite occasion of all time is already coming! 

I don't usually list down my wishes for Christmas but it won't hurt right? I'm bored and I just rekindled my love for polyvore and started creating some sets of my wishlist :D

So Mr. Tony Stark. Mr. Santa, Mr. Genie, Mom and Dad, Friends, and Family... please without further ado. I give you my late UNOFFICIAL wishlist for 2013.

1. Trip to Bora-bora. Please let me stay and experience paradise for 3 days. Bora-bora is one of my target vacation spots that I'm dying to go to. I can't wait to chill under the sun, swim in the clear blue sea, drink blended tropical fruits and enjoy the pure white sand in my skin knowing that all of these are for free! hahaha. If you can't get me a trip to Bora-bora, it's ok if you'll get me to Maldives.
2. Yellow Camaro. The fifth gen one. Seriously, if you're gonna give me a car then let's get straight to the point. I don't want just any car, A yellow fifth generation Chevrolet camaro would be my preference because i really think Bumbleebee deserves to be with me. HAHAHA
3. Trip to Paris. After reading 'Welcome to the Underworld' my obsession with the city of lights grows more and more. I want to live there and experience the Parisian life, working in a city full of arts and love. who would say no? Tell me if you find Paris.
4. Godiva truffles. Chocolates are my one true love and seeing at this lovelies makes me drool. It's been years since I last tasted this. I never had any chance to try it once again because it's only available online and at Duty Free.
5. Michael Kors Gold Watch. Very classy watch by Michael Kors. You can never be late because you'll keep looking at it. jks. (I also love Casio's vintage watch *coughs*)
6. Iphone gold baby. It's the new pink.Gold shows elegance and luxury that everybody wants today. I want this iphone 5s because of its exclusivity and security that you will never find in other phones. Altho LG G2 sounds very tempting today, Apple products are still considered as the best.
7. A baby tiger. I don't like cats but I love the big ones. Imagine this cute baby tiger
8. RYAN effing GOSLING I want him in my bed right NOW. For me, He deserves to be the Most Sexiest Guy Alive. (Damn you PEOPLE) He breathes sexy. He spells the word sexy. His deltoids are sexy. His abs are sexy. His eyes are sexy. His brain is sexy.
9. Galaxy Too damn lazy to rule the world. Why not rule the whole galaxy instead?  multiple planets. anyone? :)

I'm just kidding with the above list. HAHAHA my real wishlist for this Christmas is this.

  4. BOOKS 
  6. COOKIE BUTTERS AND FRIENDS (other spreads i.e. Biscoff)
  9. MAKE UP! (Urban Decay Naked Palette, Revlon Just Bitten Jumbo stick, and more!!)

1.Love Sweatshirt 2.Studded Leather Duffel bag 3.Leather Skater Skirt 4.Make up brushes5. Majorlica Majorca Mascara6. Vintage Casio Watch7. Naked Palette 8.Sneaker Wedges

1.Iphone 5c in PINK 2. High Waist-ed Bikini 3. Sandals 5.Sunglasses

dahil makapal mukha ko. LOL jk. MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU ALL. XOXO

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Quickie Post: Coconut Macaroons
October 13, 2013 • 10:17 PM • 0 comments

Macarons and macaroons are two different things. They look different, they spell different, and they taste different but my love for them are just the same. Between the two of them, macaroons are easier to make. That's why last sunday, My cousins and I made some.



  • * 4 pcs egg

  • * 1/2 cup margarine

  • * 2 tbsp vanilla

  • * 1 cup granulated sugar

  • * 1 can condensed milk

  • * 4 cups dessicated coconut

  • * 1/2 cup flour

  •     paper cups

  • Preheat the oven for 10 mins at 350 degree F.
  • Cream the margarine,gradually add the sugar. Beat well.
  • Add the milk, eggs and vanilla to the creamed margarine, blend thoroughly.
  • Add the dessicated coconut and flour and continue mixing until well blended.
  • Fill the paper cups with the coconut mixture and bake for 15-20 mins.



It's difficult to make one when it's your first time .Dinaan na lang namin sa presentation! HAHAHA The sides are slightly burnt/toasted but nevertheless it still tastes good. Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. LOL You can dip it to melted chocolate if you want. <3 div="">

I'm actually practicing to make some for him but I don't know anymore. hahaha. He don't like sweet stuffs ata. like me :( chos!

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Real UnliCHAT Experience with Globe’s GoUnli30
• 9:06 PM • 0 comments

I'm really having a hard time how to connect with my friends from all over the world. You see, I've met a lot of people online because I'm a global moderator in tinychat and some asian forums (hello fangirling!)
Anyhoo... To talk to them using regular postpaid plans are quite expensive. So I'm using different free messaging apps like Viber, KakaoTalk, and WeChat through wifi access.

We don't really talk 24/7 because that would be weird but did you know that I'm currently having a bittersweet LDR with this guy from Cali? I's tough to maintain such thing like this but all we need is to communicate and trust each other (lol) but how am I supposed to do this if I don't have internet access all the time?

I used to register to BBMAX for 5 days but I stopped because it's a waste. I don't really use BBMAX for the internet but for the messaging purpose only, besides at the end of the day I still go home where there's free unlimited internet for me.
So what to do?


Globe has something wonderful for us!

Fear not! Because today GLOBE will show you how easy to connect to your friends in just one click. All you have to do is to register and BAM! Problem solved.

With GoUNLI30, subscribers get unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to Globe/TM, and unlimited chat with the best messaging apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and the telco’s very own messaging app GMessage without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges. Available for only P30 valid for 1 day, GoUNLI30 gives you no excuse to stay out of the loop and connect with more than 1 billion users around the world regardless of mobile network or location.

Diba? Ang taray lang! Not only you have unlimited call and texts to GLOBE/TM users but you can also use your current messaging apps! Imagine sending messages, photos, and videos all day everyday. Abot ka ng GLOBE!:)

Go all-out unlimited with GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25 now. Register by dialing *143# and then choosing GoSAKTO on your Globe mobile phone or texting GOUNLI30 or UNLICHAT25 to 8888

If you still think that spending P30 is still expensive and you prefer talking to your friends through your messaging apps only, then use the UNLICHAT25. For only P25 a day, you'll have unlimited  uninterrupted, and boundless access to your favorite messaging apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, and whole lot more!

Like what Ms Issa Cabreira, Head of Globe Telecom’s prepaid business said,

  “With GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25, subscribers can enjoy the biggest wonderful digital world and a richer messaging, calling, and sharing experience, wherever, whenever. Only Globe Prepaid lets you liven up your conversations, deepen your connections, and widen your reach by giving you more ways to stay connected with all your friends, no matter where they are.”

So thank you GLOBE for this wonderful offer! Now I feel like I'm not wasting my money anymore. Everybody is happy. Switch to Globe na!:)

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