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Of heartbreaks and moving on. III
May 2, 2015 • 8:04 AM • 0 comments

I still fucking love him. I miss him every minute of everyday. Who wouldn't? I spent almost my entire year talking to him and only him. He became my bestfriend and my hero. It kills me every time I see our pictures together or read my journal because I see us in better days. I thought I could not delete everything but when you are decided to forget the pain. Slowly but surely...moving on will be easy.

I deleted all our pictures and videos. Deleted him on my snapchat. Everything about him, I want to remove from my life. I dont want to be friends with him because i still fucking love that guy. Despite making me feel worthless... I still love him. You know, i am willing to wait for him right? But i need to know why. Ugh. Why am i even gonna wait for someone who hurt me so bad? :( basta all i know was he took away the air inside my lungs, made everything in black and white, and scarred me for life.

I wonder if he's feeling the same way. I wonder if he hates me this much. I woder how can he love me for one second then hate me the next sec. I wonder if he really loved me or everything he said to me are just lies.

I wonder if he still loves me the way Ido for him?

Joie, stop thinking about him. He is not just into you. If he really loves you or if he even has a plan to get back with you  he will not ket you beg and swallow your pride. He will not be heartless. 

Just accept the fact that you fell in love with the wrong guy. You were too childish to believe in happy endings. You still have so many things to learn. 

Of heartbreaks and moving on. II
• 7:49 AM • 0 comments

1st week is the hardest. You will cry a lot, blame yourself, and wake up everyday feeling like an empty shell. On the second week, you will realize that giving him time does not matter. It didn't matter at all because its pretty much obvious that e will not come back to your arms again. 2 weeks is a pretty long time, if he really wants to work this out. He should've tried messaging me once in a while or talk to me. Maybe answer my calls. Just to assure me that after this, all will be ok... But i heard nothing.
3rd week. I made myself busy, i started talking to my friends. I spend my all my time with my family... Nobody will think that I am suffering from a heartache because I post too much happy photos, i smile a lot, and i show everyone that I am ok when in fact... I'm not.

Of heartbreaks and moving on.
• 7:38 AM • 0 comments

"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up." -Neil Gaiman

Well, maybe. He's just not into me. Like a piece of glass, my heart shattered into. Million pieces three weeks ago. I was devastated, mad, and lonely. I didn't know if my heart could handle so much pain. It felt like every single bad things that happened in my entire life became one and crushed me during that time. Up until to this moment, i'm in the dark, still thinking why he suddenly left me. I analyzed every messages he sent me, his every actions before that night, and yet I found nothing. I used to blame myself for everything. A lot of things ran into my mind. Even in my sleep, i could still help but cry. I cried. I cry almost all the time. I cried like there's no tomorrow until my yes are tired enough to let out a single tear.

And yet, despite my lack of appetite, my swollen eyes, and my inability to function well. I still act like everything is still like yesterday.

The first few days were the hardest but I am so thankful for friends and family who became my anchor when I feel like drowning to the abyss of loneliness. They helped me right from the start. They are harsh but honest and thats what I need right now because I'm so stubborn.

January 16, 2015 • 8:17 AM • 0 comments


Masks and Pills
November 12, 2014 • 3:46 PM • 0 comments

It was a long time ago since I last have a flu. My family and friends know how proud I am with my immune system. There was a time when everybody was sick and had some sort of disease like sore eyes and mumps (beke) and I was the only who stayed disease-free. I always rant how much I want to get sick for once but just like what others always say, Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. 

Last night I was having sleeping difficulties because my clogged nose is hurting and I can't breathe. After a few hours of finding my sweet sweet sleeping position. I fell asleep but woke up iimmediately around 4:00 in the morning because I felt something strange. I quickly looked to my mirror and to my surprise and dismay the right side of my nose's bridge is swelling. I look like somebody punched me in the nose.

My mom told me to drink antibiotic 2x a day and thrice a day for mefenamic acid. The swelling and the hurting of my nose stopped but I still went to the infirmary to have my nose checked. The doctor is nice. She told me not to touch it and drink meds for a week (she prescribed me the same stuff my mom have made me to drink lol) It was kinda sensitive because if it got worse, my brain might get affected. EEK!

Anyhoo, after my date with the doctor (lol) I went down to Metrohair to get my nails done. Ate Zaida did a great job with my nails. It didn't hurt and she was very accommodating. I paid P100 for the whole service. They have this promo that I really want to try but I'm running out of vacant time and I still need to eat lunch. So I just availed their regular nail services. After my mani-pedi sesh, I went across Metrohair and ate at Gastro-thingy (sorry, memory loss due to old age) Theirs spicy gangnam chicken may look simple but it tastes actually good. They have a big serving (which I very like) I was planning to finish my meal but I was soooo full I can't even move.

The rest of the day was boring, I attended my Math 26 class and my nice-uber kind seatmate, Amrics, let me borrowed her assignment and exercise. (God bless your heart) After making new friends on my econ 102 class, I went straight ahead home but mom asked to go to the church first because my tita will treat us food because of her son's birthday. yay! haha.

So all in all I had good day, except I didn't have the time to consult to my adviser and my boyfriend and I kinda have a misunderstanding...but all is well! I miss him so much tho.


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A Magical Day at Enchanted Kingdom
November 5, 2014 • 6:27 PM • 0 comments

Obligatory shot.

Technically, I'm still under hiatus but I can't help but update my blog because I've been neglecting it for so long. So let me tell you about what happened to me while I was gone. I've been busy with school stuff, love life, and personal dramas! (Yes, you could probably figure it out from my last entries) Anyhoo, because I needed some time off with all the stress and mental exhaustion. My friend, Chiara, and I decided to go to the most magical place here in the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom!

Selfies before the space shuttle ride.

Enchanted Kingdom lies in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It is the only theme park in the Philippines that I approved of and we are lucky because we're so near from it, we could practically visit it everyday or whenever we feel like going.

More selfies at Anchors Away!

Normally, the ride all you can ticket costs Php600 (that's $13)  but you can avail it for less because they have sooo many promos to choose from! There's a forever discount for students like me. Just present your valid school id and voila you have 15% off. BUT if you want see more promos with bigger discounts just visit their website.

Loving the new map of EK

I paid P400 only (and got a free id lanyard because there's an ongoing sembreak promo for students until November 2014) while Chia availed the 19th anniversary thingy of EK where all the 19 year olds will only pay P380 and participate to a challenge of collecting 19 stickers by riding all the attractions and eating on participating stores (where you could win a special gift, sadly that promo just ended and we didn't do it because we're too lazy)

Chia's Rialto moment.

There was a lot of people when we got there which is not a surprise because its October! the time of field trips! but we still paid the tickets because we don't want to spend our time with nothing. So we sashayed inside the park and took few photos because I only got my phone with me. I didn't bring any decent cameras. boo!
Too much fishes in the sea, right Chia?

I managed to enjoy the whole afternoon despite the large crowd. We didn't have the chance to ride Rialto and Rio Grande because of the blockbuster queue.  We skipped the wheel of fate as well because a) It's soo freaking cheesy b) its lame c) I'm just not in the mood. We didn't even bother lining up for Flying Fiesta because Idk we got our eyes set with the main attractions 

Brooklyn babe! chos.

We still got wet because of the freaking Jungle Log Jam, got our stomach performed gymnastics because of Space Shuttle (my most favorite ride), Anchors away, and Ekstreme. Got ourselves giddy with the Perkin Twins. ( I don't know them but they are soo nice even if we're making fun of them. I think they are singers or something) Chia loved the newest attraction of EK but we forgot the name of it. I had fun walking around and observing people (lol creep)
Konti na lang!

All in all, I had a magical day with Chiara and I hope the next time I'll be there will be with my boyfriend. I'll make him ride all the scary stuff. *insert evil laugh* make him win all the big prizes, and make him suffer. Just kidding baby.

Wet and wild with Chia!

So before anything else let me share some tips for visiting Enchanted Kingdom,
  • Check the website first for promos and further information. The woman before me was ranting nonstop because the sales clerk made her "went back and forth wasting her time getting her children's id and some cards" Seriously? You want some discount right? Don't complain because it for your own good.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You're just gonna go to a theme park not attend some party so stop wearing flashy clothes and there's a huge possibility that you're going to stand and line up for an hour (or more!) You don't want to ruin the fun by complaining how your feet hurts, right?
  • Buy a huge bottle of water. You need to be hydrated specially it's gonna be so hot in the afternoon.
  • Plan your itinerary of rides and attractions to utilize your time and energy. Like if you have a time constraint. Visit all the major rides first then try the others. If you want to get wet already then go to Rio Grande or Jungle Log Jam then Flying Fiesta (to dry yourself lol) Just do whatever that floats your boat.
  • Chill for a bit and eat. You are not allowed to bring food from the outside so might as well enjoy the shops inside. Buy some pizza, mini doughnuts, or shaved ice. Go eat some saucers or just hang out and take some pictures. You need to replenish so go and eat. There's a lot of choices.
  • Don't forget to have a fun and magical day! Make sure you have an obligatory shot with the Wizard or at the Carousel. Victoria's Park is really magical and romantic at night. LOL Have fun with your friends and family. 

That's all for now! Gotta go and hide under a rock again. (I think)

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June 14, 2014 • 12:11 PM • 0 comments

My first and last. I wish i can still make him smile.